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2018 - Present

In this last year, we’ve been so focused on the productions of 6 acres of hemp, that there hasn’t been much time for the blog.  One big milestone this year was installing the solar modules!

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Reflections on 2019

We’re back after a long blogging break!  If you’re a regular reader and have missed the monthly Reflections blog, thanks for coming back!  If you’re new to the

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Reflections on June, 2018

It’s warming up on the homestead.  We spend some afternoons inside on the cool soil-cement floor to escape the heat.  When it’s 95 outside, it’s only 88 inside. 

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2016 Blog Posts

2017: Completion of the porch and roof as well as a lot of indoor cob and plaster.

Reflections on April, 2017

April showers are no match for our homestead endeavors!  We made some real progress this month.  First and most importantly, we are totally and entirely waterproof!  No more

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Reflections on March, 2017

So maybe you’re not into reading about uterine contractions and placental encapsulation, but there is one thing you must know about the birth of Earthbag Build Oklahoma’s 3rd

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2016 Blog Posts

Getting so tired of building. Landscaping projects, cob and plaster, indoor plumbing!

Reflections on November, 2016

I need chocolate.  I mean, really need chocolate.  “The struggle is real,” they say, or “First world problems,” they say.  Well “they” actually live in this “first world.” 

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Reflections on August, 2016

In case you were wondering, building a house is exhausting.  I mean serious, fall-asleep-before-your-head-hits-the-pillow exhausting.  We’ve been at this house-building business for 3 years now and I am

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2015 Blog Posts

2014 Blog Posts

2013 Blogs

Our big move to Oklahoma with big dreams!



What is Hemp?

Home Farm’s quick and easy guide to hemp and all it’s benefits. What is the difference between CBD, marijuana, and hemp? Read here to find out and learn more.

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The Build

Partnership Building Survey

Thank you for participating in my research blog!!  With your help, we may be of some benefit to others who are trying to build and live more self-reliant

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adobe building

Why Build with Earth?

“In a bitter irony, “modern” homes not only threaten the health of the planet, they threaten the health of those they are intended to shelter.”     ~Dan

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Farm Tours

Musings: Stories, Poetry, Ponderings

2017 reading challenge

My Year in Books: 2017

2017 has been an exceptional reading year for me, given the circumstances.  Through childbirth and breastfeeding, continuing work on the earthbag home, and all the

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August, Pre-Eclipse 2017 How can I express this endless gratitude… Long days, hot sun, stings and sweat. Ankles itching with no regret. How can I

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Eco Levels

There are a few names that come to mind when learning about permaculture.  Bill Mollison, of course, as “father of permaculture,” Sepp Holzer, being the

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