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Farm Tour: LCL Farm and B&B

~La Colina Linda Farm and B&B~

Kathy, Jeri, Alison, and Aaron
Kathy, Jeri, Alison, and Aaron

In our Farm Beginnings class, we met some really wonderful people who inspired us and whom we wish to stay in contact with for years to come.   Two of these people were Kathy and Jeri.  A retiree from Southern Illinois University, Kathy is now a Vegan-Fusion teacher and most-of-the-time gardener.  Jeri retired as director at the Illinois Migrant Council’s Technology Learning Center, and is now also a most-of-the-time gardener.  Together, they developed a business plan and brought that plan into fruition; they just opened the doors of their beautiful Bed and Breakfast this weekend; La Colina Linda B & B and Farm.  The cottage overlooks multiple raised beds of organic vegetables and an organic forest garden, complete with cranberry and fig trees, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, fruit and nut trees, comfrey, herbs and assorted plants and flowers for pollinators.


We took a visit last weekend, and despite the misty rain and chilly temps, got a full tour of the place and helped plant tomatillos, marigolds, cucumbers, and sugar baby watermelons.  After the small work-day, Kathy and Jeri treated us to some local Mexican flavor from Cobden and a homemade soup featuring Flyway Family Farm mushrooms (another farm tour post).

Boys in the Garden
Boys in the Garden

The cottage is beautiful on its little south-facing slope.   (In English, La Colina Linda means Beautiful Hill).  It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a wonderful shaded porch, all in the Giant City State Park and Shawnee National Forest area, just off the Shawnee wine trail.  The plant-based breakfasts will include vegan-fusion smoothies such as the Raspberry-Chia-Cream smoothie and other wine trail lunches by request.

What a great inspiration!  Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at a place and eat exclusively from the front yard?  Talk about Local-vore!

Mini Jonquil Narciccus; Julius' favorite.
Mini Jonquil Narciccus; Julius’ favorite.

Want to know more about this farm? Visit their Facebook page: La Colina Linda, LCL Farm and B&B

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