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Nov 2016 trees

August, Pre-Eclipse 2017

How can I express this endless gratitude…
Long days, hot sun, stings and sweat.
Ankles itching with no regret.
How can I express this gratitude…
this aching, expansive feeling
of life creating and dying before my eyes
while grass blades cut my hands and a
redwinged blackbird sings a song that I swear I’ve not heard before today. “I thought you were a hawk”, I say aloud.
How can I show thanks for this wellspring of nourishment, entropy, and rebirth, as I crush gluttonous creatures between dirty fingers, praying the tomatoes make it through another day, as I inwardly laugh at the folly of those who think that they know how to live a clean life?
How can I live with this pleasure and guilt and seeming forever cycle that I know will end all too soon.
How does one say thank you to the mother of life and death, to the continuous cycle, in all it’s brutal glories?

~ Earthdancer © August, pre-eclipse 2017



Share The Work by Alison, November, 2016

We share the work of wood and dirt each day.

From sun up with shovels and hammers,

To sundown with wheelbarrows and tampers.


The life we’ve chosen is no small feat,

Enduring the heat,

Standing hard and fast against the cold wind,

Going against the grain and convention.


To yell and make up,

To not give up.

Blood, sweat, and tears for over three years.


Through the discomfort and hurt,

This fortress of dirt

Has more than fortified our core;

Our relationship is so much more.


How marvelous it is to create!

A home is a place to cultivate

And grow our family culture.

To nurture all of us together.


We share the work of partnership

On this long, strange and dirty trip.

To listen, to accept and forgive,

To remember that how we live

Is like Gandhi said to be;

To be the change you wish to see.


It is equal parts learning how to build

And how to build each other.

And so, we share the work.

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