19×36″ 48.26×91.44cm

I created this piece from an idea I had after attending some live bluegrass music.  I wanted the colors to embody the feeling that the banjo delivers.  I chose the red, yellow, and blue, because they feel like a rustic version of our flag’s colors.  The banjo, as we know it today, originated in the Appalachians, and that was the reason behind the Virginia creeper and the dogwood flowers.  The overlapping swooshes of color represent the twangy, yet sophisticated flow of banjo melody, while the Pollock-style flicks and splashes represent the freedom and rowdiness that often accompany the banjo, particularly in a bluegrass or “jamgrass” band.

Acrylics on custom canvas.



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Dimensions 20 × 37 × 1.5 in